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We help your business bring its stories to life. Learn more about our process below.

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01. Social Media Auditing *

We start with obtaining information from your current social channels. We use this information to determine what's working and what isn't.

* An audit will only be executed given that your company already has its respective social channels established.


02. Strategy Development

Developing a clear strategy is crucial for the road that lies ahead. We create strategies that revolve around six categories: relationships, analysis, value, planning, resources, and objectives. Our social media strategies help define your company's story and tie it to social metrics to determine ROI.


03. Content Scheduling & Publishing

Launching social initiatives can be cumbersome. That's why our team utilizes great content scheduling platforms to help organize, plan, and publish your works.

04. Create a two-way conversation

Whether you're a small business, celebrity, non-profit, or conglomerate—it's crucial to strike meaningful conversations with your community. We help your organization with a communication team to respond to questions and feedback—and to contribute to the larger conversation.


05. Social Listening

We offer massive value when it comes to social listening. Whether it be praise or criticism, we collect data points from your social channels and around the internet to then process and analyze. We then use this information to advise on future content creation initiatives and strategy.

In the event of a PR disaster, we have a plan in place to quickly notify our clients and progress to a resolution.


06. Automation (optional) 

We offer a plethora of automation tools at your disposal to reach your social media goals even faster. These tools serve to increase engagement and promote organic targeted social growth.


07. Analytics

We offer analytics as a standard solution to our social media management service. We use analytical tools to bring a clearer picture of engagement from which we can determine our progress towards reaching our strategic goals.


08. Reporting

The last step in our process involves monthly reporting. Our reports are a culmination of analytics, as well as a summary of what was executed. Within the report we will include insights from our teams as well as any feedback or additional assessments that have been developed. From the reports, we will look at our goals outlined in our strategy to see our progress.

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